The death of logic

February 28, 2021 by No Comments

GoldSwitzerland/Matthew Piepenberg/2-22-2021

“The logic that Modern Monetary Theory, for example, with its academic aura and blissful projections of deficits without tears (and money creation sans inflation) has slowly left the fringe of economics and entered its forefront as a sound, indeed ‘logical’ new path forward. Equally, ‘logical’ are the titles given to such popular policies as ‘Yield Curve Control’ or ‘Quantitative Easing,’ which, as many of us already understand, are just clever, even logically titled concepts masking the far more pernicious reality of extreme debt expansion supported by extreme money creation which leads logically to extreme currency debasement.”

USAGOLD note:  In the end, the most logical approach to today’s market valuations, as well as the future value of money, is simply to diversify with assets that are as detached as possible from what might become financial wreckage in the next economic storm.


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