Robert Shiller: ‘Wild West’ mentality is gripping housing, stocks and crypto

June 1, 2021 by No Comments

CNBC/Stephanie Landsman

Repost from 5-24-2021

cartoon of lemming going over a cliff, one has a gold parachute“Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Shiller is worried a bubble is forming in some of the market’s hottest trades. He’s notably concerned about housing, stocks and cryptocurrencies, where he sees a ‘Wild West’ mentality among investors.”

USAGOLD note: The funny thing about Schiller’s position is that most sophisticated investors agree with him. Too many, however, believe they will be able to get out before the day of reckoning – somehow beating everyone else to the punch. Another group believes the stock market will tumble but then it will bounce right back. History tells us, though, that this is not always the case.


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