Investors should buy real assets – from wine to art – as inflation reaches a ‘secular turning point,’ Bank of America says

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BusinessInsider/Emily Graffeo/4-4-2021

photo image of a 1799 Capped bust $10 gold coin“Real assets are positively correlated with inflation and interest rates, unlike financial assets like stocks and bonds, Hartnett said. During ‘the Great Inflation’ of the 1970s, real estate and commodities outperformed large cap stocks and government bonds. He added that in eras where bonds and stocks struggle, real assets have provided superior risk-adjusted returns.”

USAGOLD note:  Of course, it is generally accepted that the king of real assets is gold and the queen silver with their very large global markets and strong liquidity at comparatively lower spreads. That said, we do see opportunity for high net worth investors in rare coins. Prices in that sector have been depressed for decades. At the same time, collectible coins have a history of appreciating during periods of inflation, i.e., currency debasement.


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