Grant Williams reveals the end game for central bank money printing

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YouTube/The Margin Interview of Grant Williams/3-31-2021

Gold and the Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar
(Since 1970)

overlay chart showing the declining purchasing power of the dollar and the rising price of gold since 1971

Sources: St. Louis Federal Reserve, Bureau of Labor Statistics, ICE Benchmark Administration • • • Click to enlarge

“The last thing I care about is the price, I know that no matter where the gold price is trading over time relative to other assets, it’s going to preserve my purchasing power, and that’s really all I care about. I just don’t want my money being worth less because of inflation, because of governments, because of all the things that they are required to do to keep the system together. You know, when a government tells you they are going to target 2% inflation, they are telling you our aim is to reduce your purchasing power by 2% a year, and that compounds very, very quickly. … I never think about the price level where I would sell my gold, I think about a point in time where I might decide that the gold I have in that safe deposit box, I would prefer to own that piece of land with it.” – Grant Williams

USAGOLD note: The Margin’s Michael Epolito interviews Real Vision’s Grant Williams. The end game of money printing, the inflation/deflation debate, gold, bitcoin, gold confiscation, and the Fourth Turning are all discussed. Grant Williams views on the rationale for gold ownership are very close to our own. We referenced this post in yesterday’s DMR and repost it here for those who may have missed it.


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