‘An investment in monetary disorder’ – Interview of Interest Rate Observer’s James Grant

May 17, 2021 by No Comments

Gold Hub/Video interview with James Grant and Michael Arone/5-13-2021

photo snip of James Grant during featured interview “[G]old – to me, it’s not a hedge against monetary disorder. It is an investment in monetary disorder, which is what we have …”

USAGOLD note: If you are unfamiliar with James Grant and have never been exposed to his unique, and often humorous approach to the markets, you are in for a treat if you choose to tune in to this interview. He sees inflation as a genuine concern not fully measured in the inflation indices, that the economic policy outlook is “very complicated,” and circumvents the whole debate about gold as an inflation and deflation hedge by delivering the description of gold noted above. From there, we will simply recommend this interview in its entirety and leave it at that.


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